California hotel from IWISTAO HIFI M6.5 labyrinth speaker + 300B Tube Amplifier

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The song California hotel form IWISTAO M6.5 labyrinth full range speaker plus 300B tube amplifier.

IWISTAO M6.5 labyrinth speaker is made of solid cabinet, and the speaker unit adopt mark 6.5 inch one with metal cone.

300B tube amplifier adopt the famous Audionote circuit. Its power transformer carefully wounded by British Red Bull iron core. The advanced HI-FI design without large loop feedback makes the sound delicate and lingering, and rich musical.And, The 300B single-ended output transformer uses British amorphous high-grade C-type iron core that has a unique advantage , it can give full play to the advantages of the output transformer. After actual measurement and listening, the voice is very vivid, clear, low-frequency tension is very balanced in three bands, excellent permeability and atmosphere feeling. Using high-quality enameled wire, lamination process, CNC drying, vacuum impregnation, well-designed 8C structure, to design to a perfect coefficient.

300B Single-ended Class A 2X8W Tube Amplifier:

IWISTAO M6.5 labyrinth speaker:


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