• What Is a Phono Stage Pre-Amplifier?

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    Playing vinyl records isn't as easy as it was back in the day, while MP3 and CD formats dominate the current audio marketplace; vinyl records remain popular among collectors. Many claim that vinyl sounds better than digital formats, while others simply own records that they still enjoy. Many of today's lower priced stereo receivers are not adequately equipped to power a turntable. Because modern electronic technology is different from the technology used to create vinyl records, a phono pre-amplifier is required to enjoy them. To add a turntable to such an audio system, a user must use a specially-designed phonograph preamp also known as a phono stage. For those with vintage vinyl collections a turntable, a phono pre-amplifier and a receiver are required to fill a room with the sounds of record albums.


    Tube Phono Preamplifier

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