What is aptX?

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CSR aptX audio coding technology replaces the standard audio codec Bluetooth employs for streaming stereo audio wirelessly from audio devices to headphones and speakers, delivering improved, high-fidelity sound comparable to the CD quality consumers have come to expect from their home entertainment systems.

Already installed in a fast-growing ecosystem of top-notch Bluetooth headphones, hot speaker docks, and Bluetooth adapters for in-car and home-based audio systems, aptX® audio coding technology super-charges the fidelity of stereo audio when streamed over a Bluetooth wireless connection. So next time you use aptX® enabled Bluetooth headphones to enjoy the plaintive voice of Stevie Nicks streaming from your new Android powered like as Samsung smart phone or IPhone5, listen up to the positive difference aptX makes.

Although standard Bluetooth technology offers the ability to stream stereo audio wirelessly from audio devices to headphones and speakers, this bandwidth-constrained solution does not come close to the audio quality consumers have come to expect from their electronic entertainment systems. CSR aptX audio coding technology solves this problem, breaking the bandwidth barrier to deliver CD-quality stereo audio wirelessly over Bluetooth connections for a variety of consumer electronics applications. As a result, aptX is becoming a preferred choice for premium quality Bluetooth audio, having been deployed in a fast growing list of products by companies including Samsung®, Nokia®, HTC®, Motorola®, Creative®, Sennheiser® and many more.

CSR's world renowned aptX® audio compression solutions retain the full integrity of original digital audio and are optimized for instant real-time audio streaming. The suite of algorithms has earned a reputation for some of the highest audio quality, extremely low latency and strong resilience to bit errors, and has been proven in wireless, broadcast and professional live performance applications.

aptX® Lossless
The aptX® Lossless audio codec is developed for HD-Audio in professional and 

aptX® Enhanced
The aptX® audio codec offers broadcasters a unique feature set delivering audio quality indistinguishable from linear at much reduced bit rates. 

By incorporating aptX® audio coding technology into the next generation of Bluetooth® stereo products, developers can offer consumers audio quality indistinguishable from wired with an impressive dynamic range. 

aptX Live®
With virtually no delay, a strong, robust connection, and providing excellent channel density, aptX Live® enables real-time digital wireless audio in bandwidth constrained environments.


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