What is a HIFI Interconnection RCA Audio Cable?

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At the market, there are a lot of interconnection RCA cables like as RCA to RCA, 3.5mm phone jack to 2-RCA, 6.35mm phone jack to 2-RCA, and so on. The common interconnection RCA cable made of plastic overmolding rather than pure copper RCA connectors. 



RCA connector is a key component for a HIFI interconnection RCA cable,and most commonly used on stereo equipment. In Power Amplifier or Preamplifer, they’re often used to connect a stereo CD player or other consumer electronics devices to the preamplifier board. They’re also used with the aux and tape inputs and outputs. RCA” is derived from the Radio Corporation of America, the company that introduced the design in the 1940s. RCA connectors are also sometimes referred to as “phono connectors” since they’re used to connect turntables.The color-coded connectors of the cable allow the users easy installation and identification. Gold-plated, heavy-duty connectors ensure long lasting, corrosion-free connections.


On the other hand, the separated OFC wires cable is also very important, this kind cables offer excellent sound quality for audio and home theater applications, provide maximum sound performance compared to ordinary audio cables. OFC Copper wires provide optimized audio clarity. Pure copper conductor shielding offers protection against noise and interference. 


Gennally, a HIFI interconnection RCA cable is made of 2 pcs pure copper RCA connecters which are made of copper-plated plug generally, copper shell, and advantages of copper shell can be shielded from external interference and a pair separated OFC wires cable instead of a pair of wires molded together, and then assemble them though soldering with high quality solder.


The tails of an RCA cable are color-coded to correspond to the proper input or output jack on electronic equipment. Red tails or black tails connect to the right channel inputs/outputs, while white tails are used for left channels. In reality both wires are exactly the same, so switching colors makes no difference, but it is important that the same color be used for the same channel at each end of the cable. Since “red” and “right” both start with an “r,” it’s an easy way to remember how to connect the cables in a consistent manner, even on components without color-coding.RCA Audio cables are used to connect the composite audio signal from the left and right channels on home theater equipments.


Much emphasis has been placed on the types of cables used to connect components and the ability to deliver signals without introducing interference. In some cases companies charge enormous amounts of money for cables that are supposed to deliver superior performance. Some of these cables have large, intricately designed molded heads and flashy packaging that necessarily figure into cost but not necessarily performance.


One generally accepted myth is that gold tips or connectors are always superior to silver. While gold does not conduct sound any better, it is non-corrosive and more malleable than silver, which could be an argument for buying gold-tipped plugs for applications where the plugs will be left in place. If the cables will be used in a patch bay where they will be plugged and unplugged often, silver tips might actually be a better choice than soft gold plating that can wear away.


A typical run of up to 10 feet (~3m) does not require an expensive audio RCA cable, though the cheapest possible cable — the type included with many electronic components as a freebie — might not be the best choice. Even still, the average person probably wouldn’t notice a difference between this RCA cable and another. Speaker wire gauge and type has a greater ability to make a discernible difference in audio, all else being equal, than the RCA cable. Choosing a modestly priced cable should do the trick.


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