Sweat and Mellow Sound from IWISTAO Tube FM Radio Built-in 6P1 Power Amplifier

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The lasted tube FM radio is coming! 

It isn't a tube FM tuner only now rather than a radio that can drive your HIFI spakers. We have added a tube power amplifier that is made of 6P1 with single-ended class A output, and output power is 2 x 3.5W, you only need to connect with outdoor antenna and the speakers, then you can enjoy sweat and mellow tube FM sound.


As adopted modular design, it is compact.  The tube FM radio used tube 6N3 as a high-level and mixing, tube 6C11 as the unit local oscillates,tube 6J4 as IF amplification together with 5pcs mid cycle inductances, and it has the advantages of high sensitivity, low noise. After stereo decoded by TA7343AP, then the signal will be amplified by tube 6N2 as a preamplifier. And power amplifier part, it used  6N2 to drive 2pcs tube 6P1 that is classic and famous application.

The casing with aluminum, brushed oxidation, gold-based color, it is solid and very nice. On the front panel, there is a pair VU meters and cat's eye display, the light are shining and beautiful when it works.


Actual audition

After installing the antenna, radio received FM station is clear, the amplifier part drived a pair HIFI 4-inch full range speakers, the sound is excellent, even the low-frequency can be heard to feel like a live broadcast in the live voice, sound accurate, sweet voice throat, worth owning this unit.



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