Parallel Single-ended Class A 6P1 Tube Amplifier

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It is a pure tube amplifier, which designed as single-ended Class A output. its output power is 2 x 6.8W, strong tube musical taste...

Vacuum tube 6P1 is a special audio tube, which is used to produce a small single-ended Class A tube amplifier with a mellow natural sound, sweet and warm, especially when listening to the vocal performance is very rich, very good acoustic performance, transparent and you will not be tired even listening for a long time. Use it to listen to the human voice, piano, strings, zither, etc., more natural, never tired.


IWISTAO Tube Amplifier Single-ended Class A 6P1 Parallel Power Stage 2x6.8W Natural Sweet from IWISTAO HIFI AUDIO on Vimeo.


For tube amplifier with parallel connected by 2 pcs 6P1 tubes, the internal resistance of output transformer will be reduced by half, and more control power to speaker, output power increased as double. Because the tubes of power stage is parallel and works under class A status, both to maintain the advantages of a single-ended class A, charm intolerable, bass deep and powerful. The preamplifier used tube 6n8p, whose sound quite lawful, soft mellow, so 6p1’s sound that driven by 6n8p is more charm. The amplifier use tube 5Z4P as pure rectifier, as well as scaffolding by manual, the noise is hardly heard by ear.

Its design is simple and the elegant, suitable for placing in the study, bedroom ..., so relax, and you can truly feel the music mood, listen to the voice of the soul.

Specially, we have assmbled one pair VU meters, which is warm and beautiful when it lit with the tubes...



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