Mini HIFI Bluetooth Hybrid Tube Amplifier with Tube 6N1 Preamp

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A large number of smart mobile terminal become very popular to promote wireless music era coming. Also it contribute to popularity of HIFI Wireless Music, open your smart phones like iPhone or Android mobile phone, free to play an APE or FLAC format music, you can enjoy wonderful wireless music now. But a problem comes perhaps! What will you equip for your smart mobile terminal in order to achieve a satisfactory reproducing effect? Perhaps it let you feel full of difficulties. Wistao Technology, take account of your concerns fully and develop several HIFI Bluetooth audio based on vacuum tubes. It let you be easy to play Bluetooth wireless music with wireless smart terminal equipped, and enjoy sound quality of HIFI level, as well as plenty of power, abundant amount of sense, enjoy sound quality of the class AB power amplifier, its output meet requirements of your ears, did not miss every detail of music.

 A HIFI tube Bluetooth Audio With 6N1 preamplifier

Back up history of Bluetooth technology, it has been passed 20 years, and becomes maturer and maturer. It is mainstream of the market that using traditional Bluetooth technology for Bluetooth stereo. CSR's Bluetooth chips, it has become a leader in the technology of Bluetooth audio applications due to robust stability and high quality. Wistao Bluetooth Music Base Station --- Mini hybrid HIFI tube Bluetooth audio , is a adoption of CSR chip.


Preamplifier of this HIFI tube Bluetooth audio is made of 6N1 tubes and designed as SRPP circuit. We know that, not only can pre-amplifier tube drive power amplifier to get quality sound, but also it can drive transistor and integrated circuit amplifier to achieve high quality sound, and hybrid style of tube and transistor and integrated circuit amplifier combination has become a trend. Little attention in media, you can see many domestic manufacturers have adopted tubes as pre-amplifier for voltage amplification in HIFI tube Bluetooth audio, and some driven class is made of tubes also, only power amplifier is made of transistors. CD player is also used tubes as pre-amplifier output, which can filter out digital sound, make all the music be more realistic, and make CD player’s effect be very close to photograph’s level of playing black plastic disc.


The SRPP circuit’s English name is Shunt Regulated Push-Pull. Some of characteristics for this circuit which is different with circuit of common cathode and common screen, common gate, it has a very good high-frequency response, and the higher frequency, the smaller distortion; low output impedance; low distortion. Therefore, SRPP circuit is now more used in input stage of the preamplifier widely and input grade of a power amplifier. Sound feature of SRPP circuit is high resolving power, good permeability, there is enough air sense, large dynamic, good sense of positioning and width & depth in the sound field, the overall listening feel ethereal relaxation, unlike some amplifier gives a dull impression; It win impressive sound effects with its simple circuit structure, which is another important feature of SRPP circuit also.


Usually in common cathode amplifier, in order to obtain a sufficient voltage gain sometimes, screen electrode load resistor is often set up a large value relatively; but this is to sacrifice frequency response width with larger anode load resistors. However, using a smaller anode load resistor can improve frequency response, but gain of the circuit, dynamic and the largest tube screen consumption are mutually contradictory. SRPP circuit inventive and clever to use combination of the circuit, so that load of common cathode amplifier used as active load to increase gain and reduce distortion, and a common plate enlarged by tube as a common cathode amplifier active load. Common screen pole amplifier has high input impedance and low output impedance, both play a role in connecting lower output impedance. This turns out to be two birds with one stone.


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