HIFI Bluetooth transistor (integrated amplifier IC) power amplifiers hit market

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For audio power amplifier, there are the amplifier for tube and transistors (or integrated power amplifier IC)" of the points. Its sound quality is also different, being called " turnip cabbage all have love ." But specifically, the type of power amplifier can be selected according to different needs and purposes. To hear the human voice or orchestra , may wish to listen tube amp ( tube amp ) , an entry-level tube amp , it can make you beautiful , gentle sounds mesmerizing ; If the pursuit of large dynamic music such as rock music, symphonies and the like, may be considered transistor ( integrated power IC, AB class A or Class D) power amplifier ; If you want two have both , may be considered forward-looking hybrid amplifier as tube preamp and transistor power stage , so that the tube can be used to correction of digital music signal , it becomes warm timbre , remove digital flavor source , then the transistor level using rapid response (integrated amplifier ) amplifier circuit, so that you can have both fish and bear's paw.


With used Bluetooth wireless communication technology, we can dispense with the signal source amplifier connection (smart phones, tablets) between. Further , the use of Bluetooth 4.0 technology , it can greatly improve the dynamic range and signal propagation speed , such as with the music player can play lossless formats (Lossless) music, such as APE, WMA, FLCA, ALCA , etc. , it may sound of CD -quality effects. To this end, WISTAO technology developed HIFI Bluetooth high power amplifier based on a variety of scientific and technological development of Bluetooth technology to market , there are different models, you can choose according to your needs .


HIFI Bluetooth digital power amplifier

IWISTAO HIFI Bluetooth Power Amplifier 2x25W Class D Bluetooth 4.0 CSR8635 CD Level Music from IWISTAO HIFI AUDIO on Vimeo.



IWISTAO HIFI Bluetooth digital power amplifier

Using high-power Class D amplifier, the output power of up to 2 x 160W, using CSR8645 Bluetooth chip, support APT-X technology.


HIFI Bluetooth transistor amplifier

Toshiba tube 2SA1941 and 2SC5198, output power can 2X100W, Class AB circuits, both quality and efficiency. Using CSR8645 Bluetooth chip, support APT-X technology.


IWSTAO HIFI Bluetooth transistor amplifier




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