Bluetooth Audio Decoder with Hardware Decoding

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Do you tired for low quality of sound of portable mobile terminal? Turn on Bluetooth, search, a key connection, play - just a few seconds, graceful tone will be flying out from Bluetooth audio decoder, it will be better if it is a hardware decoding. More and more people became accustomed to use smartphone to play music. Yes, this is really a very convenient, do not wear headphones in most cases, you simply turn on the Bluetooth feature, and pair with it, then you can enjoy HIFI CD level quality sound. 

The greatest feature of Bluetooth audio decoder or Bluetooth audio amplifier is that give up traditional wired connection, use Bluetooth technology to connect mobile phones, tablet and other electronic terminals with them. With Bluetooth technology has come to the 5.0 era, before some disadvantages such as sound latency, poor immunity, easy to break and other issues have been significantly improved. In addition to the technology matures, advances in enjoying music mode of consumers and industry changes in the environment but also Bluetooth decoder or amplifier provide a huge market demand. Smart phones and tablet hot let the "Philharmonic family" who have undergone significant changes, through mobile phones and tablet to enjoy music songs become its important ways. In reality, entertainment software, is more mature, high-quality audio has become more accessible, a lot of online music platforms, such as iTuner provide music libraries whose tracks is up to 3,000,000, and also provide high-quality cloud music services to 150 million users, or use music player like as foobar2000 mobile to play lossless music song in your devices. 


This is a Bluetooth decoder with Bluetooth 4.0 CSR8670 and DAC AK4490. The Bluetooth 4.0 version CSR8670 implemented digital signal transmission thought wireless function, the digital to analog conversion of audio output used a professional decoder chip AK4490 to play that the digital signal is decoded into an analog audio signal, and finally OP amplified the analog audio signal and output it.

IWISTAO HIFI Bluetooth4.0 Decoder Stereo CSR8670 32-bit DAC AK4490 Hardware Decoding Bluetooth Optical Inputs APT-X

Currently, the sound quality of CSR8670 is one of the most stable, best Bluetooth chip, supports APT-X transmission.

AK4490 is a new generation Premium 32-bit 2ch DAC with new technologies, achieving industry’s leading level low distortion characteristics and wide dynamic range. The AK4490 integrates a newly developed switched capacitor filter “OSR Doubler”, making it capable of supporting wide range signals and achieving low out-of-band noise while realizing low power consumption. Moreover, the AK4490 has five types of 32-bit digital filters, realizing simple and flexible sound tuning in wide range of applications.

At the same time, the unit is compatible with optical input, optical input devices can be connected to any other optical fiber output, such as televisions, set-top boxes, projectors, DVD player, CD player, sound cards and other digital computer.


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