Relationship Between Audio System & Hearing Sense

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Usually a HIFI audio system includes wireless audio signal source, audio signal processing, and power amplifier system. After the signal of sound are processed and amplified through the processes above, amplified signal will drive speaker units, that is, audio quality level is depended on its reproducing, and the relationship between sense of hearing of human and HIFI Bluetooth audio system is reciprocal causation each other. Not only HIFI audio but also stereo or cable connections, follows the following rules, their difference is different input signal in ways. And, it bring to user's experience is different only.

In general, sound frequency of human sense of hearing is from 20Hz to 20 KHz including the human voice spectrum range 150Hz ~ 4 KHz, and various musical spectrums range 40Hz ~ 18 kHz. Distribution of average spectral energy is that bass and bass is maximum, mid-treble is secondly, and treble is the least, and the human voice energy is concentrated in frequency range of 200Hz ~ 3.5 KHz. Peak of these random signal amplitudes are higher than of its average value about 10 ~ 15dB.

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Therefore, if ensuring to release these random signals correctly, ensuring sound quality of  playback signal and sounds is reproduced graceful melodies, HIFI Bluetooth sound system (including to wireless audio, HIFI Bluetooth HIFI amplifier plus speakers) must have a wide frequency response characteristics, enough SPL and signal dynamic range and a high efficiency power converter into a sound pressure sensitivity.


The Bass: 20Hz ~ 200Hz, if more plentiful bass section, the sound will become rich; on the contrary, root fatigue.


The Mid - bass: 200Hz ~ 600Hz, this band is vocal and instrument of the Main zone, if the channel sounds more plentiful, it will become more mellow timbre, intensity; if lack, the sound becomes weak, empty, timbre divergence , high bass does not close.


The Mid - treble: 600Hz ~ 6 KHz, this band of the human ear is more sensitive, which affects the clarity of tone, brightness.


The Treble: 6 KHz ~ 20 KHz, if magnitude of this overtone band is more plentiful, then the individual timbre have good performance, strong sound analytical ability. But it is not excessive.


In summary, suitable bass guarantee the fullness of the sound, mid-bass ensure sound round of timbre, mid-treble ensure sound clarity, treble tone guaranteed resolving power. A good Bluetooth HIFI sound system is like as a concert hall, played with violin and piano, bass ensure that some instruments have better shock effect; mid-bass can make the two instruments play different notes smoothness; mid-treble ensure put the same note is separated by instruments clearly; treble, allows you to distinguish what the violin sound emitted, what the piano sound emitted.


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