Nobody but you from IWISTAO HIFI 4 Inch Full Range Labyrinth Speaker

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Nobody but you!

The warm man's song is from IWISTAO HIFI 4 Inch Full Range Labyrinth Speaker plus single-ended class A 2x7W parallel 6P14 vacuum tube power amplifier.

The music source of notebook is connected with a CSR64251 Bluetooth decoder via Bluetooth wireless connection, and music player is foobar2000.

The sound is very accurate, full-range balanced, low distortion. This is from her exquisite workmanship can be realized, a large magnet, large elastic wave, long stroke, composite cone, aluminum alloy frames, that is carefully designed products when a glance.
Listen to the sound is far wider sound field, better resolution, better layer structured. We are intoxicated by the music, the melody of each neuron start wondered if peristalsis, high, medium and low frequency is very balance, so fantastic! The sound of the human voice is warm, soft and pure, and natural loose, smaller noise pollution, rich musical taste, great flavor, also has a good low-frequency performance, is a treat for the ears, very enjoyable for long time listening and you dont feel tired.
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